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Welcome to "How I Have Fallen In Love".

A love story of two people, a hot boy and an ordinary girl. But whatever you may call them, they have one in common. They're both dumb at love. And my sketchy art. (oh but that makes two commons ftt~) PG-13 Shoujo School-life non-BL (for main couple at least).

I have this urge for ranting

I know. It's sad sometimes when you suddenly have this urge to ranting nonstop about stuff that people surely wouldn't want to hear. It's not like I'm a psycho or a depressed kiddo with no one listening to. I just-


Well, after the intro. I'm taking back my inspiration to continue the story. Just not going very VERY well. Hope it hits me soon ; u ;v. So, in the meantime, when I still have like, 5 pages left from the intro for you. Please do support.

(No I'm not posting this to make you go roarw for me like a cheapskate would ormaybeididbutdontpointthatoutitsrude jkjkjk~)

Ano... Have a good time reading my damn lame shoujo everyone bvb~ I LOVE YOU ALL (my 17 favorite-r I mean :"B)!!! *sending hearts*

posted by goflshaven @ February 3rd, 2012, 10:13 am   0 comments

Weird thingy? Welcome dear I'm here ☺

A shoujo. A weird one. Hope you can ingest it somehow = )). I'm trying not to make lame love story, but as much as I'm not experienced with love, who knows what kind of silly thing I'll pull off.

This one isn't beautifully lined and never will. I just don't want to push myself and now am trying to relaxingly draw it.

Please keep up with me, I hope to receive your support, especially your comments :"D. Oh, there might have some grammar mistakes, please point out for me since English isn't my first language and I don't have a beta-reader ; u ;.

posted by goflshaven @ January 29th, 2012, 8:02 am   0 comments

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